Project partners

Schule machen ohne Gewalt (SMOG) e.V. (association for preventing violence against school-going children), Neuenstein.

Project management, project control, concept generation and support,

SMOG e.V. was founded in 2002 in Fulda in Germany. The association has its offices Neuenstein (State of Hesse).

The name "Schule machen ohne Gewalt (SMOG)" was suggested by students because the concept aims at bringing the perpetrators, as also the victims, out of the atmosphere and orbit of violence and addiction.
Now, in collaboration with numerous partners, 16 violence- and addition-prevention concepts are being offered in the SMOG concept. Further information is available at

• The promotion of violence- and addiction-preventative, integrative measures for children and youth, especially in the pre-school and school facilities.
• Creation of networks in the violence- and addiction-preventative work, especially with State and non-State cooperation partners
• Promotion and training of adults in violence- and addiction-prevention, especially parents and pedagogues

Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main

Concept development, theoretical foundation and scientific support, evaluation

Lehrstuhl für Sonderpädagogische Diagnostik (chair for special pedagogic diagnostics)
Institut für Sonderpädagogik (Institute for Special Pedagogy)
Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaften (department of pedagogy)

International Police Association (IPA), Deutsche und Luxemburgische Sektion (German and Luxembourgian Section)

Setting up of the structures in the states (Web platform support, Help desk, using existing Internet portals, links, partner acquisition, target group addressing, information control, liaising with those responsible in politics)

The IPA is....
• ...the politically independent and union-independent association of members of the police departments, without any differentiation in terms of rank, sex, race, skin colour, language or religion.
• ...the largest professional association in the world with approximately 420,000 members in presently 64 countries. It has an advisory status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and in the European Council.
• ... committed in its statutes to the upholding of the fundamental principles of human rights as declared in the year 1948 by the United Nations. Its intention is to create bonds of friendship and collaboration between its members and the member sections.
• Owing to its purpose and its objectives, the IPA has been registered with the European Council since 25 July 1977 and with the United Nations since 26 July 1995 in an advisory capacity in the list of non-governmental international organisations.

Project promoter

EU – Daphne Program III

Rotary International

Hessisches Ministerium des Innern und für Sport (Ministry of the Interior and for Sport of the State of Hesse)

Kultusministerium Hessen (Hessian Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs)

Heinz Trox Stiftung (Heinz Trox Foundation)

Hertie-Stiftung (Hertie Foundation)

Jollydent e.V.

Mainova AG

Sparkasse Fulda

Sparkasse Bad Hersfeld

Schwäbisch Hall

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