"Cool and Safe" - a web-based training program for the prevention of violence against children of junior school-going age

"Cool and Safe" contributes to strengthening the self-assertiveness of children towards those of their age, and towards adults, and demonstrates action strategies upon encountering dangerous situations. After all, being able to detect boundary infractions and to correctly assess situations in life are important preconditions for the unfettered development of someone's personality.

"Cool and Safe" is an Internet-based training program that makes children get actively involved using many films and examples. Taking part in "Cool and Safe" shows children what rights they have, and strengthens their ability to handle risky situations.

"Cool and Safe" is free of cost for private use. The program was developed incorporating scientific findings and many years of experience in violence-prevention work with children and youth. An initial evaluation by the Goethe Universität (Goethe University) Frankfurt returned positive results.

"Cool and Safe" has a clear-to-follow structure and can be used round-the-clock all over the world. This is because knowing your own rights and having a strategy for action is important for all children, regardless of their age, sex, nationality and social status.

"Cool and Safe" has been conceived for lessons in school and for training in families. Teachers, parents or adults should be with the child during training. But children can also use it independently.

"Cool and Safe" – our objectives for the safety of children

Strengthen the ability to act – Reinforce rights – Demonstrate action strategies to prevent misuse.

"Cool and Safe" is currently the only program in Germany and Luxembourg that offers this training in this form and with this scope in German and French.

For all those looking for a flexibly usable prevention program that is designed to be child-compatible and also technically correctly structured, "Cool and Safe" is an innovative option.

The scientific evaluation verified a significant knowledge growth and a clear increase in the emotional competences of the children. The training is effective and does not result in an increase in children's fears and mistrust of other persons.

Contents and use

Children learn to have a self-confident appearance via the Internet

The cornerstones of the training with "Cool and Safe" are

  • Information about characteristics, using which potentially dangerous situations can be recognised
  • Instructions about how children should behave in risky situations
  • Information about where children can get help.

In the training, particular importance is given to protection from the dangers of the Internet and sexual harassment by strangers or known persons. Users are introduced to these topics in a child-compliant manner.

The training is open to all - users don't need any registration for "Cool and Safe", they can simply enhance their knowledge by selecting a nickname and the relevant password.


The video at the following link shows how you can then use the version for teachers.

SMOG e.V. wishes you a lot of fun and above all, success in using the program! 

Hello, this English version of “Cool and Safe” can be used by anyone.
Please note, however, that the help contacts in it, like telephone numbers, only apply to Germany.


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